Julius made this What if <a href="Yout.html">Brenda</a> is my wife, for life - The first page of Tightdad.com.

Each night have complete:

  1. 2500 punches
  2. 100 squats 
  3. 100 situps 
  4. 100 push ups.

If you just hold s "Till, you may learn more. Lord Jesus Christ Saves.

I remember the last time I shaved. This was 3 days ago. Since you're on here now, I don't know how many days it's been. I've shaved alot. However, this website isn't about shaving. This website is about seeking the wisdom within and without. Uncovering the treasures of being a "Tight Dad."

The Tightest Dad is Lord Jesus Christ.

You must be a disciple of Lord Jesus Christ to be a "Tight Dad." There's no other way.

14:6 tells us this. The reader realizes. If you want to go to Heaven, you have to put Lord Jesus Christ First. There can be no other cloud in your mind. You must do this for your own sake, as well as ours, all who are not you directly. I may have some idea of what the next level, but all levels come from The Lord.

Each night have complete, part 2:

  1. Tune 15 mins. You may mode this up a few ways. 5 x 3 or 10 and then 7 twice, and then a quick minute. Whichever, however. 15 different times. How could this be? Still, you choose.
  2. Meditation 15 minutes. 
  3. Sifting 12 minutes. There were originally 3 pages. If you do the docs, then you can measure out three pages. This is useful to do also here. I'll make a repository for mine, so you can see. 
  4. 3 beats. I know you like to beat. Making three is good. If you like, you may choose one of the three formats you have. When you select which three to save, then hit mp3. Wav out and mix down final mastering to mp3.
  5. Earn a fortune with investment like me, Julius.

    If you like to suck your wife's breasts, kiss her face, and make her feel secure, then you're on the right track. Furthermore, you need to love her like she's no tomorrow. This day only do you get your wife to kiss, hug, suck slurp and rule. You get her for these 24 hours.

     Will you tell me something?  When have you ever seen Christ? Have you seen him at the shower? There are many men, women and children who are descendants of Lord Jesus Christ. There have been many people who profess themselves the second coming. I don't know how true all that is, but listen to your broadcast now. Don't miss it. Shit. All fathers are one. Mother is one. Ephesian 6 tells you: obey your Father and Mther. Honour your parents. Don't let them down. The only way to let them down is to stop trying to get it right. "You're thinking so much You're hating less and less each day." I don't know where you got to the point where you're tripping, and now instead of trip, you trot to successful benevolence.

    Microwave maximum. 3+3=6. Just because. Brenda, and Julius, We both like to be sucked on. Julius sucks her breasts. Julius hopes Brenda likes to suck his penis. Wait, Julius realizes Brenda said "move on." The need for love Comes quick. You wouldn't even be here If you weren't worth His Love here, The Lord Jesus Christ.

    Take care to find the right method. When people rail you, Earth is near. Simultaneously elsewhere, what is going on ? Natural speed. Try for money. Positive A d testing positive Testing positive? Oh no. Positive, yes I am. Haters come With French fries They're just a Meal for your mind. Go inside there And find your own sh*t. You want What i have But I laugh. You could hit a brick wall if you aim it right. Download free. Exhaust your supply. Stay me. Increase balance. Get yourself together. Take it out. Love you until you die. Heat what you can feel Life in front if profits. Take comfort out of your job. The issue has improved. Once you figure out your inner problems you won't have any outer problems. Yield per. Have fun. You ever sing slave songs to yourself "You got to go on In your life Ni*ga". Have fun putting. See it through. The better way. We need us. Still doing that sh*t huh? Dont throw a label in front of who you are.