Brenda Forever. 

There is no reason. 

I need. 

No need. 

No need 2. 

I need you. 

You need me. 

We need each other. 

I know nothing. 

Susie was fine with big tits. She had a lot of tattoos though. She had plenty of tattoos. She also worked with me there. 

I acted a foo' there. I ain't gonna lie. I wanted to eat the rice. I took a long time to clean water. I was unsure of what to do and where to go. I didn't take to it. 

I did try. But I mopped the whole floor. Was that needed? I don't know. I didn't ask too much. 

The rice was good. But I didn't take to that job. I maybe thought I could have might, but I didn't. 

What is my problem? Don't I love Brenda? I don't care if she doesn't love me. I just love her. I love her just the same. I'm sorry I was ousted by bigger di*ks. That's what I thought. 

But I cannot shame any longer. I don't have time to be afraid. 

I have time to work. 

The signals to hamstrings. Dings zings. 
Dehyrated. Drink plenty of water. 
Out of order slaughter. 
DRink water. 
Plenty of kool aid. 
People don't always know 
What do do. 
I do I do. 
Mind love Brenda. Why so forward. Bring baqck abit your chair. 
I think if you try to look there you will. I think you oughta know better. 
Smoking in the morning. You know better. Don't even be in here like that. 
What? I've been smoking since the past. 
You don't get it. Stop - 
That's right.
You can have tomorrow. 
You may have. 
Thank You. 
I remember there. I remember working there even. Wow. 
Such a long time ago, now. 
The way it was is now. 
Jade Villaine statement. 
Just working.
I added some words I wrote off line. I didn't want to waste them. I need to take some more words. 

I waited outside. I sat there, on the curve. I was just a dunce. I went to the gas station to buy blunts. I smoked the little weed I had. I gave up my life for some weed. 

I don't know why you felt the need to be here, but you are. 

You aren't going to the store today. I have food. I have food, but money also I need. But if I don't cash out today, then I won't have money to get anyway. 

I don't want to lose Brenda. Please Lord, some kind of way. Bring us back together, so I can apologize. And make it up to her. 

"it's up to her."

I love my mother. 

Thank You Lord.

I love my father. 

I love my family. 

I know its easy. 

That's the next album. 

When are you going to learn? 

I sat on the bus and the driver 

kicked me off. 

I could have walked by up there, 

and asked to come back home. 

But she told me to get out. 

She told me to go on with life. 

I knew I loved her, 

But she told me to go. 

So there. I went. 

She told me to leave. 

I came back with a ring. 

You can't just yell out the window. 


You can't do that. 

That's not life. 

You need to change. 

You need to have groceries in your pocket. 

At all times. 

When you come around, I know there is food, safety, and shelter. 

Harm from the storm, no more. 

You are there. 

Can you be like this? 

Yes. Here. 

Ok. Then do that often. 

I love her, Lord.