Don't blaspheme me, I'd like to say. Of course, I'm not God, all by myself. The lesson here is simple, a great, total failure can be prevented, with love, care, and consideration. Let's go in all directions, the ones where we go up, and in.

That's two. That's all we neeed to realize right now.

I remember having the same desire I have now, to hit the bag all the time, and to get tape. If the store had tape, I was going to get some from Walmart.

I failted the test to get in, so I have to wait until November to try again that way.

I went in the store and was looking for the tape. I got to the section and there was no one there. I went repeatedly to find help. No one WANTED to help me. It took 4 people, until finally someone called the appropriate person. It was like an hour later. For real.

I couldn't believe it. How in The Lord's Name can I wait one hour to buy items? Then the people still had an attitude.

They still were rude like always. How can this be? And ? am paying you money? I don't understand what I'm paying for. Your rudeness, or my items? How can this be allowed at all?

This is a total failure. I went to get one item before, and the associate stared at me for three seconds before helping me. Then they had an attitude. What the flute?! Am I supposed to put up with this, no. I can't believe people are getting paid real money to act like this.

There is nothing better about the service at all. No mark of success, no pride, nothing. Just a bunch of rude people scurrying around. I only know my neighborhood is not like that. This place is holy and there are good people here. Where are all these poople coming from where they are rude and don't want to work. They get up and go in, but they are not there for the people. They are there to get paid. You can sell oranges and get paid. You can sell ice cream and get paid. You may even sell chololate or wash cars to get paid. However, when you work with people, you really have care. You have to care. You must consideration have.

I am ashamed for my land because we allowed such people to repreesent us. They don't even care about nothing at all. If we stopped paying them for one day, they'd quit. They'd go find somebody else who is paying them. They would not stay and support the store.

So why are these people working there and I am not? Why are they getting a check every week and I am getting my feet wet online? Its because I chose to invest time in this. I didn't want to go to the store without first investing in myself.

I need a job where it's good and I get paid good.

However, I need a good job for me. It's not so others can look at me and say, "Oh good job.". It's for my own self benefint.

I don't get why people don't want to work together best right. Where are the real people at? Not the scavengers, the people who take the substance from the good people, the diligent ones, and make a life from there. Eating from the coattails of another, I cannot do. That's not why I have my beauty, my strength, my power. My mother did not lay for 36 hours to have a fool who follows others.

She gave birth to an aspirant of The Lord. I wish to be like Lord Jesus Christ. HE Loves me for real, Not like the others, who don't even like me at all. They want something from me, is the only reason why they care. I'm not mad at that, it's just sad. I help, The Lord Helps, and all we get is people trying to get over and undermine. Where are all the real people at?

Where are all the Real angels at once heard. I once heard a man, Isaac Clay, say that.

He read a poem and found out that there were those listening.

I'm tired of people scheming. Where are all the people doing good? Will they ever return here?

I think they will. When we stop killing one another. When we stop looking down on one another. I see there is an effort to keep us apart. An effor to keep us from being smart. Forget that effort. Get smart. Keep getting smarter. Always improve. Each day, it's only so many seconds. Take the seconds you need to get going. Set the goals and go for the goals. If you get sick, then set goals that are little enough so you can heal and get something done. Progress is motivating.

Education must adapt. Find an effort for The Lord To Take Hold. My mother is probably mad at me for snapping at her. I'm wrong for raising my voice. However, after a good 10 times of ringing dishes in my ear, I think the only way to get the message across is to speak out. If your intention is to cause me harm, I must stop it. That's lunacy. To lay down and have a child, only to abuse them as they age. Like it's their fault you're doing how you are. I'm not the reeason you are in pain. I'm not going to be the reason for your pain. However, I can help you heal. The Lord Can Help us both.

I hope I don't got the booty breath. Where it's like your mouth needs toilet tissue. I hope not. Clean that up. Booty breath is not ok.

I can heal with The Lord Jesus Christ. I can help you to know Him. I pray Brenda knows The Lord. I pray for her every day. I love her Lord. I pray she is my wife. But maybe she's too old. Maybe she doesn't like me anymore. That's what she said. So I have to go with that. I think by feeling the way I do, I may be gettingi in my own way. She told me move on, so I need to be doing that. Each day, a ittle more that the last, if I need to be.

I think if I pray hard enough, it's change. I'll have what I need to have. I'll be where I need to be. I'll have what I need to have. I'll be what I need to be. If I pray hard enough.

If you don't want to work hard, then you'll miss the point. I'm sure you know prayer changes things. I don't know what things will change. Some thinigs will not change. Something will stay the same.

The botoom line is that a total failure like that can never happen again. The woman who I asked for help, she didn't eeven speak english. How is that you have a job at Walmart but you can't speak english?

Why is this allowed? If I wanted to work at a cantina where they spoke Espanol, then i'd have to know some spanish, verdad? I couldn't just stand there like a mouse AND get paid. No. One or the other.

Lord, PLease Answer me concerning this matter. I know You Help good causes. This is a good one, for all the kids, including me.

I don't think its fair for predjudiced descendents of Black people get to live a good life and the people who made them are fighting in their minds about basics. Lord, Please Provide, even counsel, a thought of what to do. Please assist my choicing. I'm not allowed to fail so hard I don't try to get back up.

Brenda I love, but if the woman said beat it, I know the song, I gotta go. I'll find a way back through prayer. Every step of the way, Prayer. Lord, Please assist me not to get on Your Nerves, for I know You Are Busy. You have a telephone line that never runs out, doesn't go off, and does not disconnect a call. You Are The Alpha and Omega, and You Sit High and Look Low. You SEe all of what's going on, and make wise counsel to the facts of life. You Are My Hero, and I aspire to be like you, but I don't work hard. I don't penetrate. I see only so much and then go to sleep.

The message in Church today was don't sleep. I spelled out my own forture with this one. I sleep all the time during the day. Since I can only smoke one blunt a day here at the Church, I get bored and go to sleep. Yes, Weed helps me to get motivated. Weed motivates me. I can surely say that. But is saying that the main motive here at The Church? No, weed is not the subject matter here. Weed is a bonus at Church.

One blunt in the morning before sunrise, that's all I get. So at 1pm 2 pm, I'm tired and want to go to sleep, much like I was napping after work before. I'd work from 5 am to like 3 or 4, and go to bed for a nap on the bus. I love taking the bus because I'm not around people much. Don't have friends around me, I have friends I can phone, but I haven't seen these people in a good long time. I don't know if they think about me at all.

In conclusion, I'm not saying it's all their fault. Maybe their parents taught them that. To care less about others, to be rude, selfish or whatever. To just look out for their own and forget about the rest. to not care, even if you're getting paid to care. To fight for bad service. The service was so bad, if it wasn't my neighborhood, I'd never recommend that place to anyone. However, I feel The Lord Will Provide an Answer. For all the kids who live near. Your neighborhood is good. Not a sh*thole.

Brenda is good, not bad. Church is good, not bad. Earth is good, not bad. Bad is the virus. Bad needs to change to good. Or bad needs to be deleted.

Delete the virus now, so it can no longer spread.