You are galactically responsible for the tranquility of the nursery. You must protect the nursery, and also Earth. The Lord Has Allowed your worship to extend. Be very diligent and even careful. Avoid conflict at all costs. Measure your time with a reason to schedule. When you have a reason, you have authoritative action present. When you do not, you are meandering, which is wrong at your age. The age of wandering ends at 18 years.

Entertain for The Lord.

The value of your entertainment will determine the depth to which you gather the soul. Will you keep in mind we are here to get souls.

Layer 1

Don't ask for help.

PEople don't want to help. People want to be helped. People like to be helped. People are not going to help you unless they get helped. Now, people seem to want to help you as long as they get MORE than they are helping you to get. So essentially, people want to get more than you, in order to even help you at all.

What this means is that you have to learn Who The Ultimate Help Is. You first must learn to Help Him, and then He May Reveal The Truth of your position. May you keep in mind that He Is The Alpha and Omega, The Most High. His Touch Builds And Has Built temples. May you help Him a drop, and see don't you possibly get that Touch from The Lord Jesus Christ.