Say your mother or your family goes to the store. You have all intentions of having a good time. You buy, I remember Brenda and I in Long Beach walking, we got into an argument and I walked away. I didn't want to walk away, but I was mad and stupid. I didn't know what else to do. What a fool I was

We are done dying Lord. We are finished fending off hordes of sick people. People who have no intentions to make the world better, just produce more of them. They want the black woman, they can't have her. She's mine. She belongs to me. She belongs to The Black Man.

We don't have to go through all this crying and wondering why. It's the way it is. I rummaged around which equipment to use.

I'll use the Haiku laptop for reading. I'll also use the laptop for watching videos, literally watching them because there is no sound. But, having the videos on, and having the pictures going while I am sleep, goes a long way. Produces good.

I don't want to see people acting bad anymore. Putting themselves in positions to be done wrong. This man didn't deserve to die like that. He didn't have to leave here like that. "Horrible". He was doing something he could have avoided.

Proverbs 26 reminds the reader of their responsibility to stay righteous. It's up to you to do the right thing all the time. Not just when you feel like it, or when it is convenient. We need to solve our own problems by getting with The Lord and going inside.

When we are hungry, we eat. When we thirst, we seek water. Why is it then we starve for knowledge, and thirst for honor? Have we not heard of, or eat these things?

I have a bucket or two of water to empty up to 3 times a day. That means perhaps 6, 5 gallon buckets of water are released into the sewer each day. There is no reason to not do the task, because we need the water to be clear. The cleared water enables us to cook, eat and clean the kitchen we use each day.

The fact another man is going thorough this means enough prayer is not in the air. We need at least 24 prayers per person each day. That's a lot of prayer if we all pray once each hour.

This man is not going away, but will remind countless generations about the sacrifice of choices made over wise counsel.

When I emptied the water, I was met with a slightly hostile neighbor who didn't seem to like the water being emptied at all. I'm not demonizing the neighbor, but he was upset. I have to document the account so I can go on with my life. I'm not going to hold this in account forever. The machine will politely and neatly hold it for me.

I took the water out to the street. Then, the neighbor came again. Empty it into the gutter, not near my car. He didn't even want the dirty water near his car. As if to say, the water, coming from the church, was not as holy as his car. I'm not upset at him. He is a good man, this neighbor. Yet, the tone and the demeanor suggested I was in the wrong. What I was wrong for had nothing to do with the water.

It was about more than the water being dumped. It was about me being here. It was about comments I made. It was about something else I may not know about. It may not have been personal. However, I felt the tenseness. I felt challenged. Being born a few minutes away by car, about 1.5 miles away, I felt I didn't deserve that on my land.

Who I counseled about it was God. The Lord Jesus Christ Knows What To Do. I'm not going to fight people about things like that any more. A year ago, I would have had words, which were waited upon.

I could tell my brother was looking for a reason, looking for something for me to say so he could be angry and possibly ask me to leave. I felt at peace when I entered into the doors of the church. Once I got inside, I felt perhaps they were telling me, "This is where you belong, not outside. Stay inside, on this street." So I did. I thank them for that.

I'm not a gangster. I love Gangsters, though. I think they are honorable when they have their minds right. When you combine the knowledge you have with the love you have for your neighborhood, then good things happen. Keep it like that, and the kids will respect you. When the kids respect, there is peace. They will not surpass you, and will go as far as you lay boundaries for. This is the village raising the child.

And another thing, we need to raise ALL these kids. Don't just stop with yours. When you get in the house, you're their daddy. However, when outside, you are everyone's daddy. You're not trying to the a pimp daddy. You're trying to establish honor. Expect honor from all who are near you by providing an example. At least you can do this before providing anything else.

Provide an example for all the kids to live by. When they see you walking, they see The Lord. They see what is right about life. You can pray for this. Pray for counsel, wisdom on how to do this. Pray to know the right way to be all the time. Pray for the peace of The Lord. Pray The Lord Opens up doors for you in your life, and Makes Known the paths to which you ought to go straight.

By taking the time out to do right, you excel. Take the ten more seconds to care. When you get up in the morning to brush your teeth, brush for ten more seconds. Get on in there. When you do pushups, do another 10 seconds worth. When you do situps, sit up another ten seconds. Use your head.

Ten more seconds of caring is all it takes. If you care for ten more seconds, you automatically get better at carinig. When you get good at caring, you get good at everything else.

If I care about the neighbor, then I care about myself. I figure people want to ride the fame, but it's more than riding fame. IT's about looking out for all the kids. Each man is a father to someone. A younger child, some younger adult, a young man.

Each woman is a mother to some younger woman, a girl, a daughter. Each mother is a mother to all the younger mothers than them. The fundamentals are still inside of us.

As your body knows what to do, so does your mind. Your soul knows what to do.

I am under the impression people are taught to fight Black people. They are taught to try and kill us, to destroy us, to try and take us down. They are our children, we created them. We designed them from our loins, our ways. We made them.

I take ownership of the people I made. Whatever people came from black men, I take ownership of. I take responsibility for, in some honorable regard. I am responsibie for you. You must learn to accept your role in society. Not just what you carved out, but who you are. You are black. You were born black. You might look in the mirror and see white. Underneath that skin, you're black. Your genetics come back. You are your brother. You ought not be afraid of who you are.

When I see people, I see black. I see the black person. I see who they were and became other things later. I talk to them like this. You were taught to forget. Different languages, ways. Taught these were all so important. Not the truth, you are black still. Those who know this prosper well.

Elon Musk knows this. Mr. Bezos knows this. They know they're Black. They look in the mirror and appreciate what they remember. You might have been taught not to appreciate who you are. This is why you are angry. This is why you feel ugly. This is why you act bizzarre. You don't appreciate who you see, how you sound, who you are all the way yet. When you do appreciate who you are, there won't be a day you decide to act bizzarre, be rude, or cause problems. You'll remember to treat others the way you want to be treated.

You will act rude, rugged and raggedy until you appreciate who you are. This is not a german game. This is your lifie. You need to appreciate who you are.

I observe people who need lots of social support. It's not a weakness. It's our design. Yet, there are some social cues that need to be either deleted or repurposed. For example, what is cool? Is cool being tight? Getting things right all the time? Being on time for things? Being a good sport, or showing the world who's boss? What is being cool today?

Is being cool a hamburger plate? Or is it jealousy? What is being cool in 2020?

I'm not saying being cool needs to be deleted at all. I'm saying the validation, this noeeds to be adjusted. Do I have to know about the cool things to be cool? Can I just be me, tight, and be cool? I think so. That's the point. Reveal to the world how tight you are. Give the people what they want, which is tight behavior. More tight behaviour means greater results. Great results all the time means good life lived.

Do math problems on purpose. Find a book, a notepad, Something to tag on, and do some math. Calculate in your head. Find a reason to keep learning.

There is an effort to end the way we think. I don't know why. I don't know who put this together. However, I know we have to get past this, and disallow this behaviour.

I'd pray for chastisement. Pray for those whoopings you all need. When I was young, cutting up, I used to get it. You need that now. You need to get it. You need a little butt whooping to keep you straight. Pray The Lord Whoops that butt. So you can live and not die.

Remember, spare the rod, spoil the child. Don't spare. Use the rod, not a shank, or a gun. A rod. Use the rod, and clear the conscience. You did something you need to be whooped for. So how do you break down the whooping for yourself? Like Latasha Harlins?

You do pushups and sit ups. Squats and punches each day. Give yourself a regimen and stick to it. If you stick to the same routine for years, then you'll build great results. You'll have the ability to do things you didn't want or need to do before. You, by pushing yourself physically, will be able to also push yourself mentally.

By pushing yourself both mentally and physically, you will be able to have growing spiritually. You have spiritual growth when you put The Lord First. Grubby hands clasping for your prize you may swat away, for the glutton is no more full with bread unearned. Do not give away your substance. Award heathenous behaviour with discipline. Do not accept rude rituals, or arrogance not unwarranted. You are no more a punching bag than a cat, or a child. You don't need someone to come along and prick you for their concern. Let them handle themselves. For their ways will meet an end, and you may sleep with comfort knowing The Lord Is Real.