I'ma write something more better than this You'll see right now. Wait a second.

"Aw who cares. It's not me. It's about me. I don't care about you. I'm still hearing this shit outside. When is it going to end? All these people died from the virus, and all I hear is, "didja know this guy was gay? Yea, so we can get past him now. He's a tough one, but we're better off without him. Leave him in the past, it's us now. Step aside." This is what is told to Julius. On the news. To be broadcast in households. 

And I'm supposed to sit and like it. Like some tard. I think not. I burp, and all those things. Also, let me brief you on the report. 

The first citing is not having paid my insurance. That's a pretty big step. I didnt want to die to pay insurance, so I didnt pay it. Yet. Corona. Right now, it's corona, so wait a few DAYS. Not avoiding payment. After all, I said I'd pay, and I'm a man of my word. 

I had a dream where there was a van with a big dent on the right side. It was a white van. Chances are someone was planning in my cum. My semen was being planned on by some adversary. The only reason they got in there is because I wasn't paying attention. I am a wasteful man for masturbating now. I busted a nut Lord and I'm sorry. Could you forgive me, like it says in the book. Its says in Matthew fleshly sins will be forgiven. It says will be, not already forgiven. It's says there will be. A time later, some appointed time. So until then, the wages of sin is still death. There is must me some after death experience to which we will be judged. I'd like to find out as late as possible. Call me late to the death meeting. I'll be sleep. I was taking a nap, didn't know I had to die today. Let's make it several saturdays from now. 

I think the greatest thing about this situation is, I get to see Brenda in my cartoons. That's right. Zache Malvado is out, again with X. I didn't want to go through having to animate the cells and I'm drawing circle stick figures. That's not the way it's supposed to be done. This is a great learning. If I put the happy for no reason every day, I think I'll put all the bad news behind me. 

I forgive the Mexicans, and all else who oppose me. Why you do that, I don't know. I don't care to know. I want you to just stop it. Stop it now. At the park stop it. It's not going to make your skin tan better. To hate. Stop hating. And start praying. Who esle but The Lord can fix this? 

I look like a good looking zombie. I need to: 

  1.  Shave 
  2. Shower
  3. Sift through the bs apps and get the ones that pay. 

I was using Cat but then it went out. I think I'll write here from now one. I'm going to write here. I have a blog, but just leave it for now. I'll get to that soon, next week. Until I get the money to pay for it, I'll be doing this. I think if you stay on the Zap and the SJ, you'll get paid. You can make up to 600 weekly by doing this. It takes diligence. A few times, like 24 times of cashing out in one week. That's possible. You might not think so, but it is. Check it out. 

Keeping good records will heal your expectations for success. You won't feel it is impossible for you to succeed at this, instead, you'll know it's possible for you to achieve success. 

Your goal is 600 every week. Strive for 600 dollars per week. When you go to the store to cash out and also get food, you will have 100 starter on the account. So the following week, you put up another 600 and save the hundred. 

Coming up from 2 cents is incredible. From 2 cents to a car is incredible. Tell that story. If you put your mind to it, and are not afraid of rejection, you may surpass any habit. Even failure. 

Do not disappoint me. Here's how: 

My mother. I love her. She's a good woman. Sweet as pie. But stubborn, like me. Or I am like her. I am my mother and father put together. How about that? 

So my mother STILL wants me to have a full time job. I need to make a full time job. I am empowered to do that now. With an internet page, I can soar to new heights. I can build my brand new mansion right here on Earth. I don't have to worry. 

My mother wants me to work at Walmart. What's wrong with that? Walmart is cool. But I don't want to work there. I want to work here, at the church. It's almost like you want me to go backward. For whose sake? You want me not to be an embarrasement to the other people not doing nothing for you. 

I'm concerned about the health of the family, and the pride therein. Yet, The Lord Says pride is sinful. Why? Because it is boisterous. You are forgiven for it, but you still must face calamity eventually. I don't want calamity anymore. I'm tired of running from this one and that. Every time I'm running away from someone. Why? What am I running from? Who are these people telling me? I know my mother and father, but dang. When do I get a say? I can say it all here. Wow, what a neglecting. I wasn't even using my website. 

If I write my 3 pages a day, I'll be alright. I gotta keep mobilized on this. I'm tired of doing silliy things for pay. I thinkn God took Cat away for a reason. HE WANTS YOU TO MAKE THAT 600 DOLLARS. 

It is now almost Thursday. What are your plans? 

  1. Jack off
  2. Smoke weed
  3. do 100 pushups
  4. do 100 situps 
  5.  drink 4 waters
  6. write 3 pages
  7. attempt javascript
  8. relaunch site
  9. get 100 dollars a day (it is possible)
  10. Join BHW
  11. Shave
  12. Clean up the room 
  13. Download and record Sadder things
  14. Read proverbs 16
  15. Pray for forgiveness (Insurance payment)
  16. Pray for healing
  17. Pray for the sick 
  18. Pray for the Church 
  19. Pray for Parents
  20. Pray for Brenda

I am a lousy lover, I tell you. I couldn't love my way out of a paper bag. I love so bad the roaches crawl with sass. "You coulda said I love you". 

I think tomato juice oughta be outlawed until you know how to cook it. Seasoned wrong, and you're in a for a whole nother tomato. 

Bring your problems to me. You say haters on your jock. Well, give them something to swing for. Keep it coming. 

I remember walking near Guitar Center. I walked all the way to Ms. Brown's house from there. and I never tried to get the drawls. 

My printer is my printer. Reverend B. says it's his. It's not. I will be taking my printer when I leave. You don't get to claim my printer. 

I love Brenda but seriously is she coming back? No? Well then I need to prepare my mind then. I am just getting the discipline to earn 600 dollars a week now. If she leaves at this time, from my heart, I hope she doesn't do it. I get goosebumps, excited just talking about her. 

You need to embrace hate. F*** them. They can go to h***. Stop hating.