Animated lifestyle.
Having trouble letting go. 
Are you having trouble letting go? Are you having trouble going on, and moving on with your life? Take some examples from life, and give some clear instructions to your future. 
In my dream, Brenda and Marcus were there. With another man, someone who looked almost hispanic. I threw a football with him! The need for a father also showed, and the ball was too big for my hand. After several tries in the arrid blue sun, I was able to grasp the ball and throw it right almost. I was throwing the ball tot he man, and not Marcus or Brenda. It was an evasive task, to commuicate with Brenda. I conclude it is a carrot on a stick. 
I love her, but when we wee together, it was like "I don't like you. She ddin't like me, how I was. I wanted to be liked for how I was. I thought. I was still able to be with her, just get some money or a kind job. But I was wrong. She had moved on already. 
Why havent I loet go? What am I theowing a football around with another man for? Why did I not talk to Brenda? 
I went through a few things when she was with me a little  bit. I didn't have sense enough to realize she had asked me to marry her then. Now, I'd have a kid, and another house altogehter. I think raising a family is cool. I think I can raise a family. Something inside is fightingn me. I don't know what it is, but I have to check it every now and then. It's like I say yes, it says no. Why? I don't know. I don't worry about why, I just fight it, stomp it out and check it. PErhaps it is for my own good. 
My mother seems to want me to be a teenager again. I don't like to do things against my will. I didn't want to be on a phone call with video, but she insisted. Theold mom steerotype is cute on paper, but when you have to go through that shit it is not cute. IT's like you are in a nightmare for brief time and you can't escape it. You want to be nice and love the person, but darn. I don't know why they are so pushy. 
Love is not pushy. Love  doesn't push you around, make you do things you don't want to do. There is s areason you don't want to do then. There is a a reason you don't want to be on a video call. You had a jacket on. You get on the video call, the next thing she's telling you to take off the jacket you were waerring. Why I gotta take my jacket off? You would not have even seen the jacket if not for the video call. This is what I'm talking about. She wanna control with the other video is doing. How can this be love? 
I don't se it. I cant do somebody like that and say I love them. Mind destroy my rival. 
Get the roaches before they get you. They will spread. In the summer time, here  they come. like a bowl of fish grease, why are they there? I don''t have to ask twice. When I see them, they come. I don't know why I waste so much time. I think time is meant to be spent right. I can't see wasting no more time, no more. 
When I load up all the songs, I put only a few songs. I didn't put them all on there. I mussed a few.