You people are going to learn. You're going to learn not to mess with me. I don't have time to play with you, to find out what your problem is. You know better. Do better. Do like you know. 

If you know, then you know you know nothing. There. I said it. You don't know anything. You might know how to fix a car, but how can you fix a spirit? How can you make things right when they are wrong? How can you turn something good from being bad? 

How can I pay 100 dollars for someone to give me a ride to Beaumont. Do you want to go that far with a stranger anyway? Do you really want to be in someone's car like that? What if it's a mexican? You know how they get about you. They'll trip and be uncomfortable. I don't have time for that shit. And also to be paying them 100 dollars? That's crazy. I love you, don't cry. But Mexicans trip. That's how it is. 

There's one big dude whose tripping about something I said long ago. That's right. Trip on what I said. Because I was right. You don't come on someone's property and put your shit. You don't own this. You just got here. All of a sudden. But the reason why, is your people allowed you to do that. But you, and we all know it's wrong. You don't do no shit like that. Don't stomp around here. 

But it says in the bible not to be mean to foreigners. You were a stranger once upon a time. I agree then. I know now why peoople are kind to foreigners. The Bible says to be. So there. 

However, I'm not fond of people taking kindness for weakness. Is that a trait of today. People want things they didn't make? I think of all the players who want a piece. What have you given me? Nothing but trouble. But you want a piece of the action, a mention, power, a nod. You want something, but you give nothing. 

Excluding Pastor Martinez. He didn't give me these things, but he left them here. Certain treasures. So there. 

But this one, this man, this person, he hasn't left anything to be doing all of what he's doing. No bag of rice is worth the trouble you intended to cause. And I wouldn't be surprised if you ended up in h*ll because of it. Oh well. 

You don't need to burn forever for your anger. You caused it, by being forthright, bo garding the church, trying to stunt for some gang or whatever it was you called yourself doing. You did it. Don't get mad at the world for your decisions. I don't have time for sleazy people now. You offer tokens in a game, not peace, not food, not love. These are tokens in a game. If I do this, then that. I'll be able to do that. 

Me, I didn't offer anything but love, but service. And here I am. I gave love, service, prayer, and here I am. I have a seat, a desk to use, a computer, a keyboard, a gear bag, a sheet to sleep with, blunts to roll, food to eat, even spaghetti. I have it all. 

And what did I do to deserve this? I put The Lord First. Not second, to my plots and plans. 

Like Douglas burger. What in the world was that? I went to go get something to eat, and these little kids sweating me. Why? Because I was Black. Don't never let Mexicans tell you they are not racist, prejudiced or whatever else. 

But so is everyone else. Everyone who is not Black, there is something off about them. 

Brenda told me in a lot of ways to move on. Let me stop being stupid. 

I remember sleeping outside. I sat outside and waited for her to get home. She was staying somewhere and I wanted to come visit her. 

She told me to wait an hour. Not to come visit with me, not to be seen with me. To wait an hour.  I was her only ride there to where she was going. What in the world was my problem? I couldn't see the forest for the trees. 

I used to go pick up Lanicia from here and there. I remember one morning I had to be to where she was at BY 6am. I was there. I love Lanicia boy let me tell you. But I smelled her p***, it wasn't for me. I can't tell you why. 

I remember staying with them in Long Beach. I guess that's why I love her. I wanted her to be my wife, and for me to be her man. I wanted to be the one. I was too late. 

She asked me to marry her and I told her no. No. Why? I don't know. I was scared. I was afraid. I didn't want to marry someone I barely knew. 

But I was man enough to go inside of her. I don't know what my problem was. If I hadda said yes, then I'd have a daughter by now, or a son. I believe it's possible for me to be married to her. I believe it's possible for me to marry Brenda. And for my mother to get married. 

I'm sick and tired of my mother trying to run my life. Lord, when is it going to stop? Don't you have anything else to do but try to plot on me how it's going to go? If it's fun, go ahead and calm down. I need to figure it out for myself. Why are you trying to figure it out for me. 

The parent, has to set boundary for the child, but not nagivate the boundary with them. You tell them, go this far. But you don't walk alongside them while they walk. You let them walk, and see how it is. They don't even have to know you set the boundary. 

Lots of times downtown LA, I used to hang out before rehearsal. It was because of my mother I had rehearsal. My mother has been through a lot. With me, even more. So she has a right to say something. But I think because she has done so much, that God Will Bless Her in the end. 

She has to be patient. There in the Bible, it says patience. 

I think if you have the ability to reach, you oughta do that. 

I did a stand up in the hallway. It went bad, what did you expect. You can't sleep 12 feet away and make a motion picture! You have to build up something. Don't let me see where you c*m at!

So back to Brenda. I love her. But she's old now. I'm old now. We're older. She can still have  a child, but is she going to have my child? Nope. Not that I know of. You have the boars the beastly, the legion. Those people are defeated instantly. I don't want them to succeed ever again. May they sit in the seat of their own scorn forever. 

If they have no scorn, then they're alright. Then let them belieeve they can take why they have not earned. You didn't earn it, and I need to get my mind off it. 

If I'm giving you the power. I'm just giving power away. Oh this person bothers me. I am bothered by this person. Why are you bothering with them> What have they done to where you have to deal with them? Are you going to stop letting these people try your nerve? They have a clue as to why you're here. 

I lost a big titted babe man. I can't believe it. Yes I can. I was a bum.  I was a good bum, but I was bummy. I didn't know how far to go with life. I was like, what do I do with a car, with money? I was still little, small, living little. Getting burgers. I I didn't think of the big picture. I didn't invest. I didn't seek investment. People are still tripping on me. I know I am tight, but am I tight enough to annoy? Can you just not do that, or chill, keep it real? Can you stop being a pest? 

And stop putting The Lord in front of your pestilence. If you're a pest, then you are the pest. Don't say The Lord IS The Reason you bother people so much. You're not reaching the goaspel,. You're being a pest. 

Now you are more than a pest, but you still need to act like it. I'm tired of people bothering me for credit. Oh let me steal something, and then say I did it. Everyone else is doing it. 

What, Oh Lord, is the problem? Can I get an Amen? Can I get a whoop? Can I get a scoop of cookies and cream? I remember when they had porno on the radio. Peaches and cream. 

What in the world could I do to that?

I don't see the allure of wanting to touch and rub on a woman who is not even yours. 

I don't see why red dressed black girls are trying to win against me. You're not bigger than me. No one on the Earth is bigger than me, to me. 

I am the only one. There is none other, except me. For me. The things I need to do, only I can do them. 

This is the trend now. Sift through the music. Sift through these sentences and pick you something out. Find something you can use, and go from there. I don't thing I have what YOu need. You have it. Stop ganking from me and starting taking from thee. You have something, or are you nothing at all? 

When are you going to learn? 

I remember visiting the liquor store with my mother on crenshaw. Waiting to get high, waiting to smoke. Like a turd. What a lousy kid I've been. 

So each year we loop all of history tighter and tighter. We'll be someone where deep by noon tomorrow. Next year is going to be higher than expected. Terrence McK. told about this long ago. I think you need to learn to do well and right. Don't be phased by people who know nothing of how far you can go. 

I decided I was going to use what I have. People banging on me. Brenda loving me, all these things are sacred. You know it's wrong to get in my way, but still wronger is to believe you are right doing so. 

I'm tired of my mother hunting for my money, like she's my wife. That's wrong, and perverted. She sent me pictures of her nude and all that. Not completely nude, but like in the bed. I was disturbed by that. But only because I think she is attracted to me. But I don't know what else to do but pray about that. 

May that spirit Go To The Lord. You need Lord Jesus Christ. You are not supposed to be attracted to your son. Nevertheless, try to rule over and control your kids. Let me be who they are, you don't need to mold adults. Adults mold themselves. 

I can't allow people to tell me my limits. I pay for this service, and if your sucking is compromised, so be it. You have no right to lay claim to anything outslide your body. You don't own me. you don't own anything I do. My products are mine to make, enjoy and distribbute. Who in the heck do you believe you are? You're not thinking all the way, that's for sure. 

Start being original, all the way.I put out the wackest comedy series you could think about, just to make you laugh. 

You surely can do better than what I put up. That was like a record you found in the freezer. What is that doing here? Why is there a record in the freezer? How high was I that night? High enough to put records in the freezer. 

Sotop trying to get my money. I see you there, plotting scheming. I hear you, trying to make it known you want something from me. May The Lord Protect my assets. 

This dude gets up, in front of the church, and rails me like it's Okj. You fag. You'll pay for that, dearly. You will pay. But I won't collec that rent. Let me go close this gate and I'll be right back. 

Ok so now. Sister Sharon, I hope she's well. I think The Lord Has Blessed The Land. 

And don't get me wrong. I'm grateful. I'm just not gullible either. No, nobody gets to take from me what's mine. If it's mine, It's mine. Nobody said it was for you. I don't need no booty laugh. Nobody trying to take what's mine. Nobi was my Grandma Zee's name. 

Where Knobahdi knows...