Lord Jesus Christ is The King. 

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Working Online is The Future.

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Breathe out toward the center of your skull.

                             Eat fear



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Earning P.

Curry chickenrice

Black woman, observe how the world treats Black man. Blackpeople are one vein, no skin color needed to remain. Just power. Shower devour. Wower.

Tightmoma gets love tightly all the time.

Black woman, I love you. Brenda, Moma, Tracy, each one, even the other "skins". Flesh is one dimension. You must be saved to be seen.

Lord Jesus Christ, Please Master Save the People. May I be Your disciple?

Thanks to: Lord Jesus Christ. You. Marely. Gisel (I hope you are ok)

Imagine -

Brenda McClendon.
Names, examples.

After my mother, and then my father,

Brenda is first. Lord Jesus Christ, You are Sovereign.

Through service is a betterlife.