You're on the wrong side of the porn man.

The Lord Jesus Christ May've Saved my soul.

Doesn't he look like an angry megaman boss?

That's half a circle.

How much tard is that guy having? All the tard there is.

To my wife: I will come get that ass.

Photograph bills. Then mail them.

Doctors need to prescribe sexual positions.

Your mind: window into other worlds.

Moma sneakers.

I don't think there's any harder than beats on a toilet.

Ballrubber: small

"That's better." 

How long...until.
I tampered with a girl. But I wasva kid too. What does that mean?

I jacked off a man. As a kid.

If you sweep the floor tight, you'll feel tight. Whose sweeping the floor? Cause it ain't gonna be me. I've seen what you people throw away. It disgusts me enough to pick it up.