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(HOBEN) PROSE FORM Myoho renge kyo — The wonderful Law of the Lotus Sutra  Ho ben pon dai ni: Skillful Ways Ni Ji Se Son — There the World Honored One  Ju San Mai — Quietly came up  An Jo Ni Ki — From his samadhi  Go Shari Hotsu — And said to Shariputra:  Sho Bu' Chi E — The wisdom of the Buddhas  Jin Jin Mu Ryo — Is profound and cannot be measured  Go Chi E Mon — Its gate is hard to understand  Nange Nan Nyu — And difficult to enter.  Is Sai Sho Mon — No Shravaka-Disciple  Hyaku Shi Butsu — Or Self-taught buddha  Sho Fu No Chi — Can understand it.  Sho I Sha Ga — Why is that? (because!)  Butsu Zo Shin Gon —the [present] Buddhas attended on many  Hyaku Sen Man Noku — hundreds of thousands of billions  Mu Shu Sho Butsu — Of [past] Buddhas,  Jin Gyo Sho Butsu — And practiced the many teachings  Mu Ryo Do Ho — Of those Buddhas bravely and energetically  Yu Myo Sho Jin — To their far-flung fame till they attained  Myo Sho Fu Mon — The profound Law  Jo Ju Jin Jin — Which you've never heard before,  Mi Zo U Ho — And also because they are exposing  Zui Gi Sho Setsu — The Law according to the capacities  I Shu Nan Ge — Of all living beings a way that the intention is hard to understand  Shari Hotsu — Shariputra!  Go Ju Jo Butsu I Rai — Since I became Buddha, I also  Shu Ju In Nen — Have been stating various teachings  Shu Ju Hi Yu — With different stories of previous lives,  Ko En Gon Kuyo — Various parables, and various similes.  Mu Shu Ho Ben — I have been leading all living beings  In Do Shu Jo — With countless expedients  Ryo Ri Sho Jaku — In order to save them from materialism,  Sho I Sha Ga — Because I have the power  Nyo Rai Ho Ben — To employ skills,  Chi Ken Hara Mitsu — And the power to perform  Kai I Gu Soku — The Paramita (reached goal of wisdom) of insight  Shari Hotsu — Shariputra!  Nyo Rai Chi Ken —The insight of the Tathagatas  Ko Dai Jin Non — Is wide and deep.  Mu Ryo Mu Ge — They have all the [states of mind  Riki Mu Sho I — Towards] countless [living beings],  Zen Jo Ge Da's' San Mai — unchecked [intelligence], powers,  Jin Nyu Mu Sai — Fearlessness, dhyana-concentrations,  Jo Ju Is Sai — Liberations and samadhis. They entered  Mi Zo U Ho — Deep into no limits, and attained the Law which you've never heard before  Shari Hotsu — Shariputra!  Nyo Rai Nyo Shu Ju Fun Betsu —The Tathagatas divide the Law  Gyo Ses Sho Ho — Into various teachings, and state  Gon Ji Nyu Nan — Those teachings so gently and skillfully  Ek Ka Shu Shin — That living being are delighted.  Shari Hotsu — Shariputra!  Shu Yo Gon Shi — In short, the Buddhas attained  Mu Ryo Mu Hen — The countless teachings  Mi Zo U Ho — Which you've never heard before  Bus Shitsu Jo Ju — No more  Shi — Will I say  Shari Hotsu — Shariputra  Fu Shu Bu Setsu — Because the Law  Sho I Sha Ga — attained by the Buddhas  Bus Sho Jo Ju — Is the highest Truth.  Dai Ichi Ke U — Rare [to hear] and hard  Nan Ge Shi Ho —To understand.  Yui Butsu Yo Butsu — Only the Buddhas attained  Nai No Ku Jin — The highest Truth, that is Sho Ho Jis So — The Reality of All Things  Sho I Sho Ho — In regards to: Nyo Ze So — Their appearances (form? shape? size? ) as such,  Nyo Ze Sho — Thier natures (essence) as such,  Nyo Ze Tai — Their embodiments (present incarnation) as such,  Nyo Ze Riki — Their powers (potentiality also possibilities) as such,  Nyo Ze Sa — Their activities (function or role) as such,  Nyo Ze In — Their primary causes (obvious cause) as such,  Nyo Ze En — Their environmental causes (process) as such,  Nyo Ze Ka — Their effects (latent or hidden effect) as such,  Nyo Ze Ho — Their requital (final outcome or return) as such,  Nyo Ze Hon Ma' Ku Kyo To — And the combination of these [factors] as such (over and over again) THE 16TH CHAPTER. (JURYO) VERSE FORM Myo ho renge kyo - The Sutra of the Lotus of the Wonderful Law - 16th Chapter.  nyo rai ju ryo hon, dai ju roku - the duration of Life of the Tathagata (Many Treasures).  Ji ga toku bu'rai -- Since I became a Buddha  Sho kyo sho ko shu -- It is many hundreds of thousands  Mu ryo hyaku sen man -- Of billions of trillions  Oku sai a so gi -- Of asankhyas of aeons (many many years).  Jo sep po kyo ke -- For the past countless aeons  Mu shu oku shu jo -- I have been stating the Dharma  Ryo nyu o butsu do -- To hundreds of millions of beings  Ni rai mu ryo ko -- To lead them into the Way to Buddhahood  I do shu jo ko -- In order to save [perverted] people,  Ho ben gen ne han -- I expediently show my Nirvana to them  Ni jitsu fu metsu do -- But In reality I never pass away.  Jo ju shi sep po -- I always live here and preach the Law.  Ga jo ju o shi -- Although I always live here  I sho jin zu riki -- With perverted people  Ryo ten do shu jo -- I disappear from their eyes  Sui gon ni fu ken -- By my supernatural powers  Shu ken ga metsu do -- When they see me seemingly pass away,  Ko ku yo shari -- they make offerings to my relics  Gen kai e ren bo -- they adore and admire me,  Ni sho katsu go shin -- they cecome devout, upright and gentle,  Shu jo ki shin buku -- And wish to see me  Shichi jiki I nyu nan -- With all their hearts  Is shin yok ken butsu -- Even at the cost of their lives.  Fu ji shaku shin myo -- So I reappear on Mt. Sacred Vulture peak  Ji ga gyu shu so -- With all my people (community/sangha)  Ku shutsu ryo ju sen -- And say to them:  Ga ji go shu jo -- I always live here.  Jo zai shi fu metsu -- I'll never be extinct.  I ho ben rik ko -- But I show my extinction expediently  Gen u metsu fu metsu -- Although I never pass away.  Yo koku u shu jo -- I also state the highest Law Ku gyo shin gyo sha -- To the living beings of other worlds  Ga bu o hi chu -- If they respect me, they believe me,  I setsu mu jo ho -- And wish to see me.  Nyo to fu mon shi -- But you've never heard this;  Tan ni ga metsu do -- So you thought that I passed away  Ga ken sho shu jo -- I see [perverted] people sinking  Mo tsu zai o ku kai -- In a sea of sufferings.  Ko fu I gen shin -- Therefore, I disappear from their eyes  Ryo go sho katsu go -- And cause them to admire me.  In go shin ren bo -- Whey they adore me,  Nai shitsu I sep po -- I reappear and expound the Law to them.  Jin zu riki nyo ze -- I can do this by my supernatural powers.  O a so gi ko -- For countless aeons  jo zai ryo ju sen -- I lived on Mt. Sacred Eagle  Gyu yo sho ju sho -- And in all other delay.  Shu jo ken ko jin -- [Perverted] people think:  Dai ka sho sho ji -- 'This world is in a great fire.  Ga shi do an non -- The end is coming.'  Ten nin jo ju man -- but really this world of mine is peaceful.  On rin sho do kaku -- It is filled with gods and good people.  Shu ju ho sho gon -- Its gardens, forests, and palaces  Ho ju ta ke ka -- Are adorned with treasures;  Shu ju sho yu raku -- Gem trees have fruits and flowers;  Sho ten gyaku ten ku -- Living beings are enjoying themselves;  Jo sas shu gi gaku -- And the gods are beating heavenly drums,  U man da ra ke -- Pouring music and mandarava blossoms  San butsu gyu dai shu -- On the Buddha and all assembled beings.  Ga jo do fu ki -- My land is pure and indestructible.  Ni shu ken sho jin -- But [perverted] people think:  U fu sho ku no -- ‘It is full of sorrow, fear and pain,  Nyo ze shitsu ju man -- and will soon burn away.'  Ze sho zai shu jo -- Because of their evil karmas,  I aku go In nen -- these sinful people cannot hear even the names  Ka a so gi ko -- Of the Three Treasures  Fu mon san bo myo -- For countless aeons  Sho u shu ku doku -- To those who have accumulated merits  Nyu was shichi jiki sha -- Who are gentle and upright,  Sok kai ken ga shin -- And see me living here,  Zai shi ni sep po -- stating the Dharma,  Waku ji I shi shu -- I say: ‘The duration  Setsu butsu ju mu ryo -- Of my life is immeasurable.'  Ku nai ken bus sha -- To those who see me after a long time,  I setsu butsu nan chi -- I say: ‘It's hard to see a Buddha.'  Ga chi riki nyo ze -- This I can do by the power of my wisdom.  Eko sho mu ryo -- The light of my wisdom knows no limit.  Ju myo mu shu ko -- The duration of my life is forever  Ku shu go sho toku -- I obtained this by ages of practices.  Nyo to u chi sha -- All of you, wise men!  Mot to shi sho gi -- Have no doubts about this!  To dan ryo yo jin -- Remove your doubts, have no more!  Butsu go jip pu ko -- Because the Buddha's words are true, not false.  Nyo I zen ho ben -- The doctor, sent a man skilfully  I ji o shi ko -- To tell his perverted sons  Jitsu zai ni gon shi -- Of his death so he could to cure them,  Mu no sek ko mo -- Was not accused of falsehood through living  Ga yaku I se bu -- Likewise, I am the parent of this world.  Ku sho ku gen sha -- I save all living beings from suffering.  I bon bu ten do -- Because they are perverted, I say  Jitsu zai ni gon metsu -- That I pass away, even though I do not.  I jo ken ga ko -- If they always see me,  Ni sho kyo shi shin -- They will become arrogant and no morals  Ho itsu jaku go yaku -- And cling to the five human desires  Da o aku do chu -- Till they fall into evil paths (Hell, Hunger and Animality).  Ga jo chi shu jo -- I know all living beings,  Gyo do fu gyo do -- Who practice the Way and who do not.  Zui o sho ka do -- Therefore I expound various teachings  I ses shu ju ho -- According to the abilities of all.  Mai ji sa ze nen -- I am always thinking:  I gar ryo shu jo -- 'How can I cause all living beings  Toku nyu mu jo do -- To enter into the highest Way  Soku jo ju bus shin -- So they can quickly become Buddhas? The sweep   7nlimited merit. Your spirit shall Quiet pharoah