Yes I can

When I have some money I will pay $12. Until then, I am going to write blogs here. Is there some sort of style sheet I can put to make all this look nice? I am sure the internet has some resource for me.

"Is this a job with a future?"

I was asked this about working online. Is this something I can keep up and make it with? Is 4 billion people on the internet at any given time enough to secure a future? I think 4 billion of anything is enough. If I was selling toilet paper, 4 billion rolls sold is enough for me. I don't think after that, I'd HAVE to sell anything at all, let alone toilet paper.

So that's where I'm at. I am astounded by the numbers. I think if I figure out what I'm supposed to sell, is it music, I have albums up no one is buying, and is it comedy, I have open mics I go to that are spotty on attendance. I think I'm wrestling with a negative bug. Is there some way I can fix that, some way I can be positive instead?

Kobe Bryant and my cousion passed in the same week. Reverend Brown is in the hospital. Why? I think The Lord IS Having His Way. He's tired of something. Kobe might be tired of the games. My cousin may be tired of him fighting. I think any form of cancer that does not remiss is The Lord Calling you. He Is Calling you to come to Him.

You may fight, and have a battle, but when the money runs out, then you have to face reality. It's a hard thing to say, to consider, but it's not unlike people trying to control your life. It doesn't work out. If God Has something for you, then that's what you'll get. Not someone else's dream of how it ought to go, but your own version of life. We each get a mind of our own, and when you get old enough to use yours, use it.

In the Walmart some little girl is going to tell me "have a nice day" at the door, on the way out. Like she was implanting something on me. Like I had no choice in the matter of something. I know not what she spoke of, she wasn't being genuine, or polite. Her intention was negative, instead of positive. The hottest shit in the street right now is "Defeat The Black Man". That's what all the Latinas are on, all the Black girls, and even some older folks. It's sweeping the nation. Help The Black Man oughtta really be the slogan now.

It's all a lie, however. It's not that Black people need to be defeated, or Black men need to go away. It's that these women want to have your kids, and cannot. I saw a latina with gorgeous big tits, and she had a baby. That was nice. What a delight. But then I saw a grandma Black woman come after her, with all the game and everything. I couldn't even look at her for one secord. We're not roaches lady. Those big tits, and those other big tits were saying the same thing. Defeat the Black man.

You say, "How do you surmise such from looking at tits?" I surmise this because I am tired of it being so hard. I need a job and gooc credit. I need to buy a house, and a car. I need a pair of my own big tits to suck on. I need to live in tehse places now. I need help, Lord. I'd like for some help from You. You Are The Only One Who Can Help me.

Someone left a Bible here at the Church. I want to read out of it, but I'm afraid it'll be some kind of trap. I don't know why, but the people seem to have taken a liking to trying to get me out of here. The fact is, I was supposed to be defeated and in the program, game, whatever you call it, at least 1 month ago.

My mother used to, God Bless Her, get my weed for me. I started vaping after I went to the hospital for dehydration. I didn't know it at the time, but I was severely dehydrated. I didnt' have enough water so by body like overheated. It was like my truck all over again. That's a deep lesson. My car got defeared because I didn't take care of it. I went to the hospital because I didn't take care of myself. So I start driinking plenty of water.

I'd like to vape agaion next year, in 2021. Wow, what a year to say. That's a futuristic sounding sh*t there. 2021 Lord. Wow. What will I become? How many housrs is that? 7000 hours from now. What will I look like? What will I be doing? Will I write my progress. I am slated to earn $1200 a month once I get this online survey thing right. I know it's like collecting digital cans, but it's a way. I don't have to ask anybody for anything. And I don't have to steal. I don't have to beg, and no one can fire me. I've been fired from jobs more than twice. I'm done getting fired, I'm done answering to people who don't want me there anyway. I'm not made to be controlled. I have an immutable, uncontrollable nature, for real. I have tested this. I am not a manipulatable person. Some SPIRIT will come for you and destroy your antics over time. It's The Lord.

Today's Lesson:

Quit asking people for sh*t they don't want to give you. There must be a way to get it yourself.

Consider a math problem. 6(4+3). You do this. Write it out, and tell me the answer. Go ahead, I'll wait. You can cheat by continuing to read.

222. That's not the answer. 49 is the answer. I don't know how you got 222. What in the world. But there you go. Answer the right way and progress is made. When you do things your way , or another way, it doesn't work. Why choose something that doesn't work?

You choose such a thing because you do not yet know another way. However, another way exists, and will appear when you are willing to do the steps. Break down the problem and you realize you must first add the two numbers in the parenteses. So 4 + 3 is 7. Now, 7(6) is 7 times 6. This equals 42, since 7 times 7 is 49. You are one seven away from 49.

Follinwg the steps measns I and you have to know how to add, know how to multiply, and know what is called the "Order of operations". I am not going to teach you all the math, but from time here and there, I will hit you with a problem to solve.

Life is as math also. A great calculation every second. How fathomless our Lord IS. Yet, we can participate in this great calculation simply by breating our lungs. Wow. How nice of Him. He Makes it easy for us to live, and does not burden us with the advanced technology behind our lives, unliess we want to learn. Howver, we have the choice to learn.

Your wealth will appear. You have to learn the steps. Break them down into small bites. You may achieve success over time. You must be patient with discipline. As a cake in the oven. You have to put the heat right, and make sure you watch the floor also. The cake will drop if you stomp around the oven. You have to be gentle.

I have learned people do not want to help you. They want to get something from you and vanish, vamoose like banana peels. Throw away the husk, and eat the corn. While they are eating, you might see a grin. However, after the meal, they're ready to move on.

As a result, you ought not ask others to help you. Ask The Lord For Help. He Can Help you. The Lord Can Help you. He Even Wants To Help you. Wow. How neat is that?



Now Who shall you ask?