I'm just right here. Money back guarantee You will not get it back! It's a sleeper. Help somebody if You need to work harder on. Before. yourself. You're falling apart. Who is the reason. For not against. News alert I made 20 cent. Under Black Dick. I've been through enough to know better. 8-8 Worthy of the name. Its a ongoing ceremony of earning money "If I ever went ungay would you be with me?" You don't have to be mistreated to make a living. Wilhelm Da? Sitcom Julius Mind hos Simply tight. How behaviors are designed. Incredible delight. You got to be a man in the world. Lord level 65 completed. I'll bae a boss on your rap song. I'll rap for 5 seconds. The Lord Has a Goal. Black Darkness Feel guilty is better. How many commercials you been in? If anybody ever asks me, I'll say seven. How many Nintendo games did you beat. Only three. Zelda Mario 1 and Tetris. You got the high score. Whose living room is this? That's my chair. Just kidding. Bbq bread. We real. Molecular Christianity. Main: SJ More sure than molecules Lord. Keep it Luya. Always be proud of who you are. Only when you acknowledge your worth will you really be able to be alive. I invest an hour a day in research. They They need their ass whooped. Give me the belt. You aint gon' change America. I'll never hold anything against my parents. I know nothing. Goal: I am So much of a man that evil must bow. Lord A little holy... Draping breasts. Little slavers. Where is the chalk at? What God showed me. P atrick Nagel OTN shadow 3969457v m My money is never slow. Prosperity: try it yourself. Purer with pleasure. I must be pleased every day Lord. Now selling - https://youtu.be/Cye9UpQPlOI The cacold of honour Having that appearance What do you say? Who was there? The html page deleted the file. It don't cost nothing to help. It's all pleasure. I ask a lady what's your credit score. She said "4." Ma'am That's the wrong score lady. What pleasure have I earned today? It's the Lord. All what youre saying Wait until im finished. It's good for you there. Tryna care. You care? Ok. Good. Math beats. More outdoors than your backyard. Nevada. Excited and friendly. How are you treating the taxpayers. Who are you slipping under? If you knew one nut caused a thousand deaths, how much would you nut? How long would you hold your nut? I make 3 cent at a time/this money is mine. I love sucking titties. Take us Serve you throughout Eternity. I forgive. Rule H I can forgive. Good big tits That is all a man understands. Is getting his dick sucked. An honest penny or a stolen dollar. You work harder to steal. That down feeling. Lord. Basically, knowing more than me is the only way. I earn more to know more. What kind of leader needs you to do something for them. By now. Higher than the sunlight/ when I rhyme/make sure to do it tight When I The facts get you paid. Men are fish. Only doing right. Only the cow is right. I dont wanna gwt it wrong with other foos acting funny Im from the night until.the day is sunny One day you will be worth something. Nade LaBrenda Cara Jadette Nintenga I often think about the small puddle. What lives there. What creatures call this regular. I would sit there to learn, but I Marvel at God. Tou cant take it all. My best is welcome. f96a607f5d It wasn't that he was wrong. You just didn't understand at the time. Ima dirty The nigga nutting. Nighttime Niger Thoughts have a sonic value. You can have some of it. little bit and that's it. I don't need an explanation of why and all this shit. Ok? Give me a reason why I don't blow all this shit up. I got the fking power. Suck dick and Put my money Desperate for dick. Because you know right from wrong. Right and wrong. The Lord. He's right. I'ma low down clean all this shit up. You Pray I close my eyes and wake up tomorrow morning. In Jesus' Name. Amen. A visitor Yes sir. Now sit down and be quiet. My child the actor. Red snow. There. Lust pattern. Unlicensed NES games. Don't be afraid of the pennies. Treasure of the Law. I do not envy any one's success. The crats The game The people And the truth. Fighting out that 4. It's a start. Get through it. Fans of the Lord's thinking. Building of Truth. Charge nothing. TB12 CENTER ON IMPERIAL. Collect cans in the palm of my hand - Ain't you already doing that? That's all you're making? It's a start. A start To a graveyard. Man you need some money. Well that's what I'm getting, and right now. If I wanted. That's right ralphie. If you wanted to earn. you don't earn but a little. A little is all I got. Then, starting out. They have who they got on Dancing with the Stars was not my decision. On a b---- dog, I give all the f--- you can get. Whole Buffett. Even my way. Ain't no - Its cold as snow if she go. Who can clown? I find. ENotes very note doesn't make it. What if they had Scott Peterson on Dancing with the stars? You know Mr. Peterson. The murderer. How's he doing? Lifin' it. Balls. "I don't want to hear Craig got life 2 out of the three times black people grace my little screen, yes it's not 4k." Facebook wants to know what's useful. What's useful is not taking up half of my screen. Vurger Ling The excuse. Do you like my body? Reach for the Lord. Shut up. (Or excuse me) I am effulgent. Living meat. Some old sh you remember. Tucking away 10. I don 't have to put up with people's bull sh. I love people. I don't love bullshit. How are you living if you're ashamed of God? Ok picture this scenerio: Brenda is my woman. You f*cked my woman. I can't go to Jail. For nobody. Da**. Suck and be nothing. Russ real. The Boss Level forums Ay she gon be on your dick in no time. Man look - I am continuously offering The Lord Now. I cause. Is that - In all labor there is profit. In all labor there is profit. In all labor there is profit. In all labor there is profit. In all labor there is profit. In all labor there is profit. In all labor there is profit. In all labor there is profit. Ар бир эмгектен киреше жок. Skymex Master your penis. I love being sucked off. Get your down. Woman just great. Yall got that no. Your finest fruit has yet to ripen. It'll make the man say "no". https://youtu.be/X9o8PkNSOOg Bred to be filed away. I said quiet. I'm going on a trip. I need rest. You may speak now. Save some weed for when you get back. This is the last night you'll be smoking for a while. Weed is for the old man. Unless you're selling. her boss.  Really? Legitimately how online. Yes. Oh ok. I thank The Lord for the Mexicans. Why? Why only them? The word of God cannot fail. Not only them. But because they were there. And I love you. Trapped in love. I love you too. Here's the room. Business is selective of the heart. Confidence has no scale. Denver is laid out and laid back. Guilt is not power. Love is power. Why do you want to be a comic? Why are you a comic? Comic is flexible. A welcome challenge. If you haven't seen how much I love you Then you haven't been Opening your eyes Brenda is the seed of what you have become. I'm real. Im not gon be fake to make a dime. Bringing us all to the middle. Responsibility creates stability. Stay and make a way. I saw how humble my dad was. How he was apologetic for his strength. I saw how my mother. I simply did not want that path. I want to listen Lord, but does it mean discounting my goals or my strength? I feel I can make it. Rather, I ought to have ALREADY made it. What is making it? Being a well established comedian. What does that mean? Having the right answer every time tight. What does that mean? Having a reasonable riddle. What does THAT mean? I don't know. "follow through until you achieve completion." There you have it. No idea where to begin. No idea what that is. How about writing jokes. Rehearsing jokes, performing jokes? It's a job. You can wear what you want, but it's a job. All this shit about dreams, a dog has dreams. You need action. Results. Take 45 jokes. Not just 5. Take a handful of crass. Put it to test. Can you perform it? Yes. Can you tighten it? Yes. Can you perfect it? Yes. Then add it to the list. Write your jokes. Rehearse jokes. Perform jokes. That's the job. The list is basically all the jokes that work. The good shit. Keep this near, and rehearse it every day. Description is details. d+ Whats going on, Seedslime? Now, in the meantime, what do you do? To eat, you must take a job. The job is trainung for the stage. You're 34. There's nothing new about you. The only thing you can do is perfect what you have. These rap n***as tell lies and always wanna act like victims."  Your body needs to be in shape. Your diaphragm needs to be strong. quite strong. I need to be able to hear you from a mile away. Kill flies with your breath. Each day, write the goal. There cannot be too many. The only thing - You gotta write them 100 times each. A daym. You want them done right? Put your favorite music. Get down on rhem first thing. Then go about your goal planned day. Love Brenda 2 times a minute. Don't be mad at strangers. Every second is funny. Find it. If this is for you, of course. I think a royal court deserves a comic right? There are slags on you. This comes with the territory. And age. And progress. They learn as you learn. As trails behind snails, they'll dry out. Love even them. Love for your health. Now 2 Sky MLB Flail +1 323-587-7588 Tell your life story. Go 3 times a week Study. Lord, Why is it so hard for me? I organize the information I create into 4 manageable sections. Don't take the name if you can't take the fame.scotts advancement. Brenda is the best messenger. The food I've been eating on. Sonic submission. Fighting through the 5. My hole I do my hole. Chocolate black. I went to school to prove good comes from people. Niggaz realize. Get through it. We gon go to Italy to do this show No we not. Everybody in the world wanna get here. And you want me to leave out of here? No. Lynwood Push back. Where you wanna eat At? Exp up. 1keep it locked. Deprive. That's all I'll ever want. Every step of the game. The King of stand up. .for his love radiates throughout the highest heavens. Honeyglaze applebrittle Taste tee Edible arrangement For me My nut is ready Balls feeling heavy I gotta go I lank down two hours later im on the show Perform Then it's next week and qe know My funds increase From the computing that I do Master the flesh. DGU Real life Radio> can.