Lord Jesus. Please let me tell You. I love You. You're The Best. There is none higher than You. Each morsel of fabric belongs to You. The rain will fall because of You. Lives are saved because of You. People are kept safe because of You. Thank You. I have no regrets. I used to have many of them. I used to carry them around, like a notebook. Of course, The Lord Is by my side. Thank You again. I do still feel sorry, apologetic for all the wrong I've done. I repent from wrong. The right thing to do is pray. I don't have another nut to bust today. No, just love from Brenda, and the family. I don't know what's going on inside me, but I need to learn how to write a story. The story consists of a coronavirus world, where the virus is going to mutate in one of two directions. Using the right combination, the best outcome could happen. The virus mutates into a common cold, and turns into dust. The lair underneath the ocean is a palace fortress. There is a code there, in a chamber. There is a bible there, and a few relics. The Bible contains the key code needed to make the right direction occur. Also, there is a being there who has the key to the future... Bakuri must face this being in order to get to the Bible and what it has inside. There is a scripture that opens the gate to reach the being, who has the key needed. There are several bosses along the way. In total there are ten bosses. Then, there is the final boss.