I truly love Brenda. She has to know that. By now, she knows I really love her. I knoweth not a thing of what happened a day before now. I can see the record and imagine I know it is right. Yet, I cannot deliver the promise unless I realize to repent is necessary.

Peace is the way to forgive. When you have peace within, you forgive. No one is judged too harshly.

You may not like what is being done, such as being pushed out of the kitchen. I know of a woman here who, when she gets ready, will storm through and even get vocal about you being in the way - all without saying "You're in the way." No shame, no regret. Just get out of my way because I'm in here.

On the surface, this is rude. However, you cannot get the elder. They are older than you. So you have to be wise. Don't tell them nothing. When you get their age, you'll see why.

God made those nuts. You may have gotten them, but you did not make nuts. All of what I'm saying is, you don't need to be rude or ask or get special priviledges for doing the right thing. The Lord Will Handle your reward.

Strive for, instead of against, your brother. You need him, he needs you. If we both did not need to exist, we wouldn't. I wouldn't be here, neither would you. We'd be floating in space as something else.

When you love me, I can love you. You start the love. It's not on me to start it and then you get it. When you get rejected, which hopefully is not that much, you will see the need for love. It's not that there is no love or just a little love. It's that you don't want to love. That's the problem to fix. Why don't you want to love?

When you get along with your brother, you'll do better. When you find reasons not to get along, then fix that. Put the fun back in life by having peace.