Lord Jesus. 

What am I still writing for. I s ther something to day? 

Something to say you mean? Did you move your chair like you supposed to have did? I know you have reason to. 

Thank You. 

Lord. I just want to Thank You Lord. 

I need to connect the sound to the CD. I need to have those on tape. I have one tape that made it in. I am grateful for that one tape. Thank You Lord. 

I don't go behind. I stay in front. I do what I say. I am. 

Ok. Are you getting toward $100?

Why I did not post on  Easter Sunday: 

There is no excuse. It should have been done. 

Stay on one page for an hour. Go down there. Don't tell me you've gone. I saw 33 pushups. I don't have to ask you twice. You know how many you did. Do you want to go all the way down to the bathroom? Or do you want to stay in sunday mode. Think you want sunday id you ask me. 

You went in the other direction? For what? What did you go in the other direction for? When did you do this? Somewhere in your mind, you thought it was alright. 

Iws alright with YOU. The residents welcome you there. But you stay here. 

Where will you say? You need to stay somewhere. Where, angel? 

Lynwood. Where? What is the left ear ringing for? I think you know why. Keep writing. More infor mation. 

I wanted to see if each page was going to have an effect. 

Say I wrote a half a script. What's happening is really behind the scnees. 

So you have two pages - what are you going to do with the  sound files? 

Put them online, and do a cideo for each one. 

What about having the SVG and sound? 

Ok. That could work. 

That will work. 

Less Bandwidth. A comic that talks. That's Gaiden Bakuri. 

Little Bangeen, 

and Zache Malvado. 

It's Bobby was only one of one, because Frank Zappa. 


When are you - 



and Friday. 

Ok. What time Monday and which one? 

Ooh I got to pee something bad. 

Ok. Go pee. 

Ok. Roaches like warm urine. 

Ok. Put some in a bottle, and leave the bottle open during the night, and away from your feet. The roaches will collect in the bottle. You may leave it for a while. You may get several  in the bottle. Fill it so they may submerge. 

The roaches seem to absorb ther liquid into their thorax. 

After a time they sink to the bottom. 

There must be some kind of muscle relax after the urine settles.