Forget why. Don't even ask that. Instead ask The Lord, what can I do. How can I help You? He is the only one who can help Level 26 completed. How can you tell me what to do? Always there for you. Lord, may you let niggas learn. Always. In the name of Lord Jesus Christ I pray, Amen. Order is calm. Level 27 completed. Sweeping through, choosing his kids daily Praise The Lord. Don't appear to. Actually be. The people have their reasons. However, none supercede the Lord. You thought by being nice would help. No. Only The Lord cares here. The people, I don't know about. I cannot say what needs to occur to teach. I am apologetic for smoking Sunday. I was wrong for that. I ask for your forgiveness Lord. I ask You To Forgive. I repeat repentance. For what it's worth, what recurs I accept. You and God can discuss why. Concerning his Son Wear the law. You cannot serve two masters. Also, I hope I live. I am going. This is L A for me, nigga. People throwing tricks today. You could never disturb me. Lord.